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RE: Europeans Were Asked If They’d Feel Comfortable “If Their Child Was In A Relationship With ___?” And Here’s The Result


For Montenegro I guarantee it’s in the negatives. We are:

Racist Homophobic Hate albanians & Bosnians (NOt white) Hate kosovars (albania likes them and they aren’t white) Hate greek & turky (darkskinned and gay) Hate macedonia (aren’t white) they’re monkeys Hate Romania (dark gypsys steal and rape)

We’re a small poor country with big mountains and we don’t care what westerners think

We’re still poor because less people want to tour here because they’re affended by the name - blame niggrs for that Because they’re the only ones that get mad and caused other people to get mad at the word BLACK (so we hate fucking them)

And we are based like Serbs (we ally with them) but just more sleepy sometimes

Do Czechs and Slovaks not give a fuck about political correctness? Because I think in reality the numbers in every country are far lower than declared here, but people tend to virtue signal in these kind of polls.

(Forward_Problem9242 (Czech))
We don’t, publicly. I personally don’t care if some dudes have homosex or someone racemix in their private homes, but I care when they take it out and normalize push it.

"A selected amount of people in big european cities has been asked" is what the titles should have been.

I'm certain that many of these maps aren't fully correct. I live in Spain and there's no way it's as liberal as some of these put it. They replied with the "correct" answers, not with how they would really feel.

Social-desirability bias. It's even worse when such interviews happen in person

(Bryndzove-pirohy (Slovak))
Based us



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