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Global red communism is here :

Can you see it yet folks? The U.S., the west and all the world has been overtaken by global communism:

Over the last several years, the west has been victimized by the most comprehensive and wide scale propaganda and opposition control programs ever inflicted upon a people. It has been quite brilliant in execution and has easily kept the masses reeling for years under constant confusion and convolution. This list below is basically an outline of the communist manifesto and is the reality we now face as people who thought we were "free".

Please consider the following at face value:

-It wasn't just the fraudulent and rigged national and state elections with their institutional cover ups. As if this weren't bad enough, throw in the ensuing "red terror" campaign waged against the J6 political prisoners.

-Not just that but combine that with the blatantly obvious one-sided justice system.
-Add to that the continuous and massive government and media censorship demonstrating clearly that the state runs the media.
-Top it off with the visuals and message sent by Biden's "red speech" a few months back. This speech was the global rulers official announcement that communism has taken over America and it flew right over most heads.
Reality check folks. With a 60% death shot rate in whites they will not be a majority in the west for much longer. This is the cost of massive ignorance among normie whites who trusted in their governments and it's boob tube red media. Black, Hispanic and Asian shot rates are in the teens or lower percentages. The rulers already did the job and it is just a waiting game now unfortunately. The open borders are bringing in the white's low maintenance replacements at a rate of 300K a month after the die offs of whites. Just in time for the liquidation of the corporation.

Much of the low level wicked may fall soon and if that does happen look out because a far worse evil will eventually be revealed in the one who causes this flood. Beware and trust no prominent people, none whatsoever. We are living in a time of great betrayal and weeding out. The saddest part is that it has all happened before on a smaller scale just over a century ago and neither side of this great divide recognizes it.



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