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Toxic Femininity Feminism is not compatible with foids' nature

Feminism will never work for foids because they are incapable of working together as a team to reach a goal. Not only do they lack the mental capabily to organize themselves in a group to reach a common goal, but also, even if foids tried that, they're too selfish to think in anything other than themselves. They're envious, evil, selfish, they can't support each other, they aren't able to build each other up. All the things that feminists claim to have achieved would've never been possible without the armies of simps who helped them.

And of course, don't forget the only reason that every foid has to exist: to be fucked by Chad. Foids are in a constant competition to be penetrated by a superior male and they won't let anybody interfere with that, not even other foids. Just think about it: how many foids have stopped being friends because one of them fucked their Chad bfs? How many sisters hate each other for that too? Even mom and daughter?

There are only two things that foids are universally in agreement: rejecting subhumans and fucking Chad.



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