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We’re in dire need of a ‘Europa Catholica’, a religious institution built upon doctrine and canonical law, responsible for establishing pious theology that ensures the maintenance of cultus deorum amongst the race.

Significant to all ritual and worship in the ancient world was ensuring it was done correctly. Contrary to wishy-washy free form ideas about any man being able to worship the gods how he pleases, it was the explicit duty of both the state and the priests to ensure that worship, ritual, and sacrifice was done in a consistent and proper manner. It cannot be stressed just how much they emphasised upon it being correct, that there was no two or three or four ways of doing something, divine cultivation was done a particular way, and the pain of drifting from this was a failure of achieving connection with the gods.

In answer to those who always claim in counter, “Who are you to say what is right theology and what is wrong theology? Who are you to dictate how the gods are to be worshipped?”, I say awaken from your dullness. You have been lulled into the contemporary frame of thought, espousing an idea of religion that denies it any certainty of truth or reality. You espouse a pagan nominalism which can lead us nowhere but towards a future of spiritual impotence.

There is the righteous, the proper, the true and the good. To promote elsewise is to promote the modern era, and so becoming a blockade against the spiritual redemption of the European soul, a hater of truth and a despiser of order. If chaos is what you love, it’d be better to join the enemy than to remain among us if your wish is to aid the race.



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