SRomeroS #fundie

(comment on a forum post titled "My Friend is Christian and Doesnt like that im Bisexual")
Well, to start this off, your username is cutie"devil", one of your favorite TV shows happens to be a genre of dark fantasy, Soul Eater, that revolves around a school run by the death, where students should reap the souls of evil humans and a witch, that's believed to gain the weapons the students carry its spectacular power. The whole idea of the anime is Satanic centered and witchcraft embraced.

Based on what I wrote above, I have to agree with A and M on that.

I would recommend general or deep mental health checking(if needed), you have developed this sexual degradation in 2017, I hope it's not too late by this year, don't give a chance for this sickness to grow.
You should be thankful for such friends. You do not need to be religious to agree that this isn't healthy.



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