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The Hegelian Dialectic

Thesis - Fake pandemic. Deadly gene therapy causing millions of deaths and injuries. Destruction of democracy and human rights.

Antithesis -- Confidence in government and all social institutions is totally destroyed. Led by courageous truckers, people revolt. Chaos. Supply chain issues. Violence.

Synthesis - Globalists restore social order. A handful of covid patsies are punished. Relieved, humanity accepts world government.

I'm not saying the trucker movement is false opposition. I've never been so proud of my fellow Canadians and urge everyone to get behind the truckers. Certainly the rank and file are sincere. Nevertheless, we should be aware that the trucker uprising may be part of an Hegelian dialectic. Frankly I don't care. False opposition is better than none at all.
Stopping satanist psychopaths from enslaving and exterminating humanity is never false opposition. They must be stopped at all costs.

We just need to ensure that the alternative is not globalism wearing a different mask.

All resistance to Communism is linked to Zionism. (Why they never define COVID in terms of the Masonic Jewish Conspiracy to dispossess, depopulate and enslave humanity. Covid is just the latest in this ancient vendetta against God and man.)

And Zionism is linked to Communism. It's a Masonic Jewish tag team.



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