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TAKE WARNING! I am about to provide the Reader with a VISION of what the enemy has done, IS DOING, & wants to do to a CAPTURED Humanity.

And it is, simply put, terrifying.

What I’m about to describe has been happening for centuries.

But SOMETHING happened in recent history to INTENSIFY all of this.

That something is this man. President Donald Trump. He has dragged the hidden Security State into the BEAM OF LIGHT, kicking & screaming.

This has forced them to accelerate everything they’ve been doing TO US into (OPERATION) WARP SPEED!

So, what exactly have they been doing? I’m glad you asked that.

I have wandered in a wilderness of confusion, misdirection & malice most of my life as I struggled to comprehend WHY things are the way they are.

The moment I started questioning reality itself is the moment I woke up & stopped being (behaving like) an NPC.
THE MATRIX has been lauded as visionary. It IS a vision. and a message. YOU. ARE. SLAVES. TO. THE. MACHINE/MATRIX.

The Elites didn’t realize what this movie was until it was FAR too late.

Remember the Warchowski BROTHERS? Who wrote & directed The Matrix?

That stunning masterpiece depicting human beings waking up to fight an insidiously deceptive SYSTEM OF SYSTEMS that had enslaved them?

Choosing the Red Pill?

“You’ve been living in a dream world, Neo….”

So much of MAGA & American First is tied to the ICONOLOGY, SYMBOLOGY & POLITICS depicted in that film.

Well, the Warchowski brothers are now the Warchowski SISTERS.

This is the Elites REVENGE upon them. Murdering them would simply be too quick.

So they MIND-RAPED THEM & corrupted their Humanity/Souls.
Here is your Matrix Moment.

Our Creator’s vision for his children, US, has been hijacked.

If you thought Trump was struggling to KEEP us free, think again.


Caught by Luciferians determined not only to rule us, but RUIN us completely.

To win their rebellion against Heaven.



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