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Women don't deserve any rights and patriarchy has never existed.
There wasn't a single historical period when women had it harder. Reproduction, security and food were always guaranteed to any female. A single woman was always much more valuable than hundreds of men, their lives were to be saved first in any situation while men were always treated as disposable cattle. Ordinary men never had any privilieges. Men would rather solve her inconvenience than help their suffering brothers. Even strong leaders were manipulated and blackmailed by their own wives.

Even muslims treat women much better than thier own brothers, it's usually the muslim boys who are being abused, molested, trafficked, enslaved, turned into suicide bombers (while women are simply forced to cover their bodies and not whore around). Even when women had no rights they had no responsibilities either. It's the men who were forced to sacrifice themselves while women didn't really care because they would be spared regardless of the outcome. Even female nazis were simply shaved and humiliated while their men were tortured and killed.

Women don't care about the politics nor religion either because they can always attach themselves to a man or the government.
They don't care about raising generations of weak men and the collapsing society because they will eventually feign submission and skinwalk as conservative maids or turn into born-again virgins. Being a female is the most foolproof thing in existence, all she has to do to spread legs which is the life's ultimate cheat code.

A 5 minute blowjob is considered to be more valuable than a month's worth of hard manual labour, dignity, values, utility, progress, innovation and thousands of sacrificed lives.



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