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The kakistocracy is merging with the medical quackistocracy and creating an unprecedented labor and supply-chain crisis with severe supply- AND demand-side inflation.

There are shortages of truckers, bus drivers and workers at warehouses, ports, retailers, restaurants, hospitals and nursing homes. In the midst of all this, President Biden chose to impose vaccine mandates on workers — even for people who have already had Covid-19 — thereby driving even more people into early retirement and causing a downshift movement in commerce and economic activity.

Late last year, before the Dementia Joe’s election, the Lugenpresse called concerns over vaccine “passports” a right-wing conspiracy theory. Today, it’s a conspiracy fact. Now, the kakistocracy is mulling a new rule requiring vax I.D. cards for all interstate travel. Meanwhile, in some areas, like New York, it’s a requirement to dine out or shop. We suspect it may soon become a requirement to renew one’s driver’s license, passport or visa, and to receive funds from employer/employee-paid programs, such as unemployment insurance, social security benefits and Medicare.
The latest New York governor to crawl out from under a slimy rock, Kathy Hochul, demonstrated full-tilt satanic inversion and declared — without even a hint of self-awareness — that “what is looming for Monday is completely avoidable, and there’s no excuses.”

Hochul is a full fledged Branch Covidian even declaring in front of a megachurch: “The vaccine comes from God” I need you to be my apostles.”



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