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Deposed Deacon Puhalo, who masquerades as an “archbishop” with the blessing and implicit consent of the OCA <Orthodox Church in America> Synod, continues to spread heretical and false teaching, using the authority granted to him by the same Synod, to directly contradict the truth, the Scriptures, and the teaching of the Orthodox Church.

On October 26 on his Facebook page, Lazar Puhalo made several outrageous and categorically false statements about morality and virtue. Here’s a sampling of his latest non-Orthodox and non-Christian declarations:

“Morality is an evolutionary construct, it is not a product of religion.”

“Basic moral concepts are practised to one degree or another throughout the animal kingdom and not just among primates.”

“Moral concepts evolve the same as the organism that has and develops those concepts. The argument that we would not have morality without religion is simply fraudulent and completely untrue.”

“Both morality and concepts of virtue are evolutionary constructs”
Puhalo brazenly teaches falsehoods that undermine the truth and directly contradict the right theology and teaching of the Holy Orthodox Church. He has done so repeatedly in the past without any consequence from the OCA Synod. Many of his teaching are not only not Orthodox, they’re not even Christian!

Puhalo has a long history of scandalizing the Church and teaching falsehoods. How much worse does it have to get before the lukewarm bishops on the OCA Synod finally act and defrock this impostor?



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