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Reptilian Sex Tools: The Vagina Dentata & Phallic Sword

Why did the reptilians come to this planet? Part of the reason has to do with sex wars between the males and females in their domain of origin, which is in the Orion constellation.
When they get into deep emotional conflict, reptilians can call upon two physiological characteristics during sex that render the act a life and death battle. For the males, this is a phallus that can be turned into a slicing weapon, a sword. For the females, this is a vagina that can be turned into castrating teeth (the “vagina dentata”).

We see remnants of this kind of conflict in the Babylonian story of Marduk “slicing apart” Taimat. Corresponding astral mytho-histories recording females castrating males have been deliberately wiped from human memory for reasons that will become apparent.
This physiological characteristic is what has allowed female reptilians to gain the upper hand on their planets in the Orion constellation. Whenever a male presents as overly hostile, untamable, two-timing, or dastardly, the female can sexually arouse the male, thereby rendering him “weak in the knees,” something that can be done easily, almost against the will of the male reptilian. The female can then mount the disabled male and remove his phallus.
Hormones were one nasty chemical trail inserted into humans via one reptilian experiment to create receptors for these beings and their demonic minions (lower-level entities) to hook into humans and partake of sexual energies. The more violating the act, the more energetic food for them.

Prior to this, humans could enjoy sensual connection through a kind of kinetic touch or a tantric energy merging. After the insertion of hormones into the human system, sexual acts become restricted almost exclusively to the intercourse variety, because the tormenting hormonal surges would only be temporarily assuaged and reset through the conjoining of the loins and the orgasm.



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