Parents With Inconvenient Truths about Trans #transphobia

What is it really like to have a trans-identifying child? It’s the worst feeling you can ever imagine. Your child, who you raised and loved, now tells you everything you knew about them is wrong, even when you know you are right. You are the parent, after all, charged with the most important job of your lifetime— raising your child to be a healthy responsible adult. Now you can’t do that. You know in your head this is wrong but everyone around you tells you, you must affirm.

The doctors are atrocious. They have no sympathy for you. You are on the same level as a murderer, likely to cause the death of your fragile child. You will never see such disregard or disrespect as a parent, as you do when you question trans ideology when it comes to your child. Your feelings don’t matter. They no longer carry weight, even though, just the day before you were a respected member of society and in your social circles. You will be told you need to get over it. You’re the problem. You have a daughter now. Accept it, or your child will kill “herself”. And it will be your fault.

Your friends shun you. Your family blames you. You’re lucky if your spouse is on the same page. You have no one. You imagine killing yourself to escape. Meanwhile, your child changes their name at school, and receives the accolades of the school staff.



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