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The times are changing in Canada under Justin Trudeau. What was once a peaceful, prosperous, and stable nation will soon be unrecognizable if we continue on the current trajectory.

Not only has Trudeau and his Liberal party pushed for the normalization of a variety of deviant sexual practices, the lockdowns and restrictions in response to covid have decimated small business across the country and left many people dependent on government benefits.
With Fidel Castro's bastard son as our prime minister, It should come as little surprise w that much of what is happening bears a strong resemblance to events that took place during China's cultural revolution.
The other issue that doesn't fit with this is the immigration agenda. Trudeau is bringing in hundreds of thousands of immigrants each year. Aside from the fact that this additional population is eventually going to require more indigenous-owned lands to live on, it has been my observation that Natives, generally speaking, are not particularly fond of immigrants. For them, the white man was bad enough, more hostile foreigners are not wanted. These appear to be conflicting agendas, but there must be an underling plan.

Is this part of a plan to force the general population into large cities, leaving rural areas to the Natives?
Trudeau has said that "diversity is our strength", which makes very little sense unless the objective is to divide society in as many ways as possible.
If we can't change course then soon Canada will become a multi-cultural, sexually confused version of communist China.



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