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RE: ‘Major Gang War’ in Bronx Leaving Teens Dead in the Streets

The indisputable "fact" is: White people did this. It was Whites, you see, who opened social media accounts for these future astronauts, forced them at privilege point to antagonize conflict with the future physicists from a few blocks over, and ultimately forced firearms into their dusky hands, giving these melanin rich spiritual Kangs no choice but to extinguish their fellow cherubim, lest the privilege looming large overhead devour them whole. More programs are needed, and above all else, our overlords must ensure beyond any doubt that White people are held to account, not only for the terrible, terrible legacy of the slavery, but for the actions of our colored betters, whom would no doubt be traveling the universe spreading their greatness and unlocking the mysteries of existence itself were it not for the horrifying oppression inflicted on them by the pink germ cavemen.

Beautiful prose, but tell us please. . . How many times did you throw up writing it?

If you remove some of the more humorous and exaggerated elements, my comment does not read all that differently than your average school curriculum, from pre-K all the way up through journalism school.



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