Donald J Trump & various commenters #wingnut #quack

( Donald J Trump )
Who is going to enter the Trump Quicksand? Many have tried, leaving permanently damaged, or never to be heard from again!

( @Rjbz82 )
@realdonaldtrump vaccine salesman!

( @JimSerafin )

spoilerFor all the Trump haters
out there, what did you
hate most: no wars?
Middle East peace? Strong
American economy? No
inflation? Growing 401 Ks
Market profits? Low gas
prices? A secure oil
reserve? Lower taxes? A
strong dollar?

( @Parkersburg1962 )
@JimSerafin @realdonaldtrump The vaccine dear. It ruined my fucking life.

( @dirtygirt )
@Parkersburg1962 @JimSerafin @realdonaldtrump Did you not make the choice to take it?

( @Parkersburg1962 )
@dirtygirt @JimSerafin @realdonaldtrump no I had a nervous breakdown because my job was forcing me to take it and I knew it was the wrong thing. They finally paid me to leave because I was talking to an attorney. How about you? Did the existence of a vaccine that was totally untested compromise your life?

( @seanyo33 )
@JimSerafin @realdonaldtrump why not list “Vaccine Champion” and “BBC lover”?

( @RaptorsChamps19 )
@seanyo33 @JimSerafin @realdonaldtrump they only announced they had the vaccine after the election or do you not remember!?

( @seanyo33 )
@RaptorsChamps19 @JimSerafin @realdonaldtrump I remember Trump was the President who brought us Operation Warp Speed that sped up the production of that death jab and likely was the reason for it to be such an untested piece of shit. Do YOU remember him telling everyone that the vaccine was completed so fast because of him and Trump telling everyone to get it?

( @L10N3SS )
@JimSerafin @realdonaldtrump Jibbity jabs. Negroes get errythang. Incomplete wall. Less deportations than zerO.

@realdonaldtrump Is “Trump quicksand” code for the warp speed jabs?

( @fullmetaltruth )
@realdonaldtrump If you hadn't authorised an untried, unsafe depopulation concoction they'd still be alive.

( @QTardTerminator )

Like the J6 political prisoners?

( @Emmee83 )
@QTardTerminator @realdonaldtrump do you think the president who wins in ‘24 will pardon them all?



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