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( @Nature_and_Race )
This would be the equivalent of America collapsing, Zionism dying, and the new America invading other countries, riding into battle waving the Israeli flag and building monuments to historical Zionist figures from the former US government.

If you run around the world celebrating your jewish history by waving jewish flags (hammer and sickle) and building jewish monuments to Communism, then you haven't really broken free from it.

Communism is every bit as jewish as Zionism. Both were born of racial jews.

Another Communist monument has been erected by the Russians in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol that they currently occupy.

( @Ingo1234 )
@Nature_and_Race You are absolutely correct: hammer and sickle = soviet regime = jews. So putininsts are pushing jews legacy here. Shalomov (putin) is jew by mother.

( @Cotterpin )
@Nature_and_Race The “Cold War” was never won by the western world. Communists managed to hide or change their identities and lied their way into our society through schools & universities, our three letter organizations including legal systems, local governments all the way up to the federal level. Communism just went underground and is now resurfacing. It calls itself socialism to sound more friendly like Bolshevism did when it changed its name to communism.
This slime is everywhere and it’s Zionist Semitic in nature. They funded, created and push all of it starting with Karl Marx, a Jew.

( @Nicholas_Scholl )
@Cotterpin @Nature_and_Race

I recall John Stryker Meyer (a Green Beret and MACV-SOG member in Vietnam) saying that the State Department had communist sympathizers in it.

We still have that problem today obviously, but communists have been subverting our society for generations.

( @CrashWizard )
Communism is just judaism without all the ceremony. Too bad Whites are too stupid to realize the other two branches of the Abrahamics are just as pozzed.



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