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Going off the Twitter thread, it looks like Ernie simply expressed a desire to make a normal game for normal people, as opposed to various ham-fisted, inconsistent, irrational ideological dogmas pulped together under the thin veneer of an incomplete or recycled game. Smart move.

It also sounds like he's not going to bend the knee, paying whatever lip service the SJWs want in the vain hope that they will, God forbid, leave him alone. Also smart, as SJWs never forgive. No apology is sufficient, not that trying to get you to repent is their goal. Rather it is to get you to admit to committing what they consider to be a crime, a sin, so they can hold it over you forever. Then they just make more and more demands of you, while trying finding other so-called crimes to convict you of.

And they are scam artists and racists: https://www.enworld.org/threads/does-tsr3-have-nazi-connections.688528/

First off, Lunar Archivist is correct: SJWs are trying to destroy traditional masculinity and femininity. You've seen this already, going back years, in tabletop games, video games, movies, and comics. I myself have dealt with it on several occasions, where hypocrites demand I cover up women, reduce tit-size, whilst simultaneously posting essentially nude men. There are some good examples in the Twitter thread, but here are some more:


Not only is Dungeons & Delvers a game created by players that actually game and prioritize fun, it also features attractive women in the art: image



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