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Going off the Twitter thread, it looks like Ernie simply expressed a desire to make a normal game for normal people, as opposed to various ham-fisted, inconsistent, irrational ideological dogmas pulped together under the thin veneer of an incomplete or recycled game. Smart move.

It also sounds like he's not going to bend the knee, paying whatever lip service the SJWs want in the vain hope that they will, God forbid, leave him alone. Also smart, as SJWs never forgive. No apology is sufficient, not that trying to get you to repent is their goal. Rather it is to get you to admit to committing what they consider to be a crime, a sin, so they can hold it over you forever. Then they just make more and more demands of you, while trying finding other so-called crimes to convict you of.

And they are scam artists and racists: https://www.enworld.org/threads/does-tsr3-have-nazi-connections.688528/

First off, Lunar Archivist is correct: SJWs are trying to destroy traditional masculinity and femininity. You've seen this already, going back years, in tabletop games, video games, movies, and comics. I myself have dealt with it on several occasions, where hypocrites demand I cover up women, reduce tit-size, whilst simultaneously posting essentially nude men. There are some good examples in the Twitter thread, but here are some more:


Not only is Dungeons & Delvers a game created by players that actually game and prioritize fun, it also features attractive women in the art: image

David Guyll #elitist #transphobia daegames.blogspot.com

But SJWs need to lie, because chances are they aren't mad at you for anything you actually said. No, they hate you because you're better than they are: smarter, better looking, more talented. You have actual passion.


Meg is disgusting, trying to coerce someone to surrender and obediently recite ideological mantra. Not that this would satisfy her. She would just keep going, trying other angles, trying to push whoever GiantLands is until he dares to stand up and defy her. After which she'll call him a bigot, racist, sexist. A transphobe. Anything and everything, desperately sling it all and see what sticks.

Again, they hate you. You're better than they are. They want you gone, or dead. The only solution to deal with an SJW is not to ignore them—that doesn't solve anything—but to mock them. They are without exception lazy, moronic narcissists with the frailest of egos. Ignore them, and they'll go after someone else, often even each other, as SJWs are also incapable of forging anything remotely resembling a friendship

This also emboldens others. They see what you did, the results, and then they begin to stand up. It's like around here, as more and more people stopped adhering to the arbitrary, moronic “mask” mandates, it created a snowball effect. People began learning and using the law, pointing out how they are in fact illegal—as are “vaccine” passports—forcing businesses to stop attempting to impose illegal rules that they never should have in the first place.

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Unlike this asinine agglomerate of bland, uninspired trash churned out by lazy amateurs, solely hired because they're cheap and/or WokeC could use their various identities, invented and otherwise, as a shield from criticism. Or even as a marketing gimmick, convincing self-hating, mentally ill weirdos into buying their crap under the pretense that in doing so they'll somehow end racism, sexism, and all the other watered-down buzzwords, without having to get off their asses and do anything.

Even though they're the racists, sexists, and everything else they pretend to hate.

But what did you expect from WokeC? They don't give a fuck. They know their core audience will buy anything, everything with the D&D logo on it, whether or not they'll use it, or even play the game as opposed to talking about their insipid character cliches on social media, posting their own trash art, and/or merely watching narcissistic grifters pretend to play. Anything, just to delude themselves into thinking they are part of something.

It seems like every week there's yet another reason to be glad that I stopped giving WokeC a dime nearly a decade ago, walked away from "modernized" D&D, and just did my own thing. Which, as I like to point out, has attractive women in the art


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Oh, wow, you also describe her as edgy. I shouldn't be surprised. Just figured, hey, NPC's gotta NPC. It got your narcissistic knickers in a twist? Oh boo-hoo, you went on the internet to talk about your stupid elf-game cliche, and everyone didn't blindly, profusely praise your pretentious proclamations.

Again, I'm going to go out on a limb here and presume they just wanted to know why not, and you overreacted like all NPCs do when confronted with even minor disagreement. The only question here is whether you did it on purpose to drum up fake drama to exploit. I've seen your type beg for money all the time, so maybe it was a bad month for you, and you needed something to get your soy-swilling simps to pony up some extra cash to make ends meet.

No one is “concerned” about your stupid elf-game character that you intentionally made worse because you lack talent and personality. I also don't believe that anyone was ever furious with you over not choosing eldritch blast. I think you are lying, so the simps would ask if you were okay, emotionally validate you, and throw more money at you.

No, you don't. You people, your type. SJWs. NPCs. Millennials. Woke-folk. You are all such dishonest hypocrites. You always parrot these empty platitudes, but it's a lie. But then SJWs always lie. Not only do you think there are wrong ways to play, you think there are very, very specific things you must do, and if you don't? Well, you must hate your players. You're a terrible person, a racist, fascist, whatever.

You're incapable of thinking for yourself, so must strictly adhere to approved thoughts, statements, and other behaviors. Or at least purport to do so in public, whilst compelling others to do so constantly. But what else would you expect from an NPC, consistency? Fairness?

David Guyll #pratt #transphobia daegames.blogspot.com

And I'm sure any such comments would be deleted—narcissist, frail ego, you know how it is—though I did see a huge wall of text comment in which the guy had to shoehorn in a mention about how he's a tranny. No reason. Just had to, so you'd know, and ideally you'd think he's stunning and brave. NPCs gotta stick and script together.

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I wrote this article to highlight and mock social justice "warriors" (which isn't the first time). If you don't know what a social justice warrior--also known as a social justice weasel or whiner, armchair activist or slacktavist, professional victim, manufactured outrage brigadier, con artist, etc--is, whether you've never heard of it before, heard it only in passing, or are someone who mistakenly thinks that it's a good thing, this article does an excellent job of summing up what they are (and are not) about.

Unfortunately you can't reason with them: they delete your comments, block you, or have a bunch of other equally pathetic, miserable wretches try and shout you down with hypocritical nonsense. Fortunately aside from cowering in their echo-chambers and hugboxes, safe from criticism, there are numerous people that do an excellent job of pointing out the bullshit that to them qualifies as logic

If I had to thank SJWs for anything (thankfully I don't), it would be that this rise of lazy, unimaginative, unskilled, untalented, sycophantic hacks has introduced me to plenty of the opposite, which yes, includes even women and minorities.

The problem is you aren't going to find them on sites and twitter feeds dedicated to/written by third-wave feminists, professional victims, and/or self-hating white knights, where lazy, the talentless men and women without drive or purpose whine and misrepresent non-issues that basically translate as them not being given unfair treatment, and/or having to overcome alleged "barriers" that equally affect men.