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[From "When a Moron is a Moron"]

I SAID in the previous post that we should cultivate compassion and understanding. I firmly believe it. But charity sometimes entails the brutal truth

And here it is. This woman is a flaming moron

“I got the vaccine because I’m a mom of two and I need to make sure that I’m safe and that I’m around for them,” says Niesa [S.], 49. “It’s not something to be afraid of. Do your research from legitimate sources and trust the experts. Let’s get back to normal”

Mrs. S., your moronity is so deep and so all-encompassing it threatens your children more than any fictitious virus could. I’ve been a moron myself on occasion, and I don’t mind admitting it. If I can call myself a moron, I can certainly call you a flaming moron, a moron’s moron
A moron has been born with the ability to observe, reason and make logical connections, but he has permitted this ability to atrophy. The brain, due to misuse and disuse, has become as limp as a wet rag and as slow as a clogged sink. Add to the mental sin of willful neglect some old-fashioned greed (Mrs. S. has probably been paid for this little piece of propaganda) and you have a mental threat to public health. These people are everywhere
Mrs. S. says she got the “vaccine” because she wants to be “safe.” But has she bothered to even read the package inserts? I doubt it, she only consults “legitimate” sources. Has she read the list of ingredients? Has she researched anything contrary to the prevailing narrative about the risks?
She should be quarantined. Millions of morons should be quarantined. Their televisions and computers and newspapers should be taken away and attempts at mental resuscitation should be made. They are a dire threat to the survival of the human race



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