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Perhaps This Is The Thing We Arent Supposed To Know

All our thoughts can perhaps be intercepted by the entities we see in the skies. Maybe not all of them, but at least some of them. I say this because in my past experiences they are telepathic. So what would the significance of this mean?

Maybe each one of our bodies contain a transmitter of sorts, not necessarily a radio wave. But some other kind of way of communicating. Some sort of quantum explanation each one of us is able to achieve. Since observation can break the wave function, it makes at least some sense. But how would the entities figure out which thought came from which person? We must leave a signature of some type that stays with us till we are dead.

Perhaps we are each assigned one entity to watch over us for life?

To make this connection would bring up a whole slew of other probable assumptions, and even more questions.

Are we all just remote control units, bending to the whims of observers who probably had something to do with our creation?



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