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I Really Hate The Average Atheist (Atheism Is The Root Cause Of Inceldom)

I'm not even a remotely religious person, but I can say without a doubt religion is the most important social institution EVER (Especially for average looking men)

That's why I have some disdain for atheists as a whole, if they had merely just STFU things wouldn't have gotten this bad, but no they just couldn't stop trying to secularize society, congratufuckinglations

This is related to another thread I made once where I spoke about this very thing:

[Link to a pretty boring rambling about his fan (as in, the tool for cooling) and modern relationship dynamics titled “The "Collective Functionality" Of A System Is Often Due To "Compartmentalized Ineffectiveness"”]

My point in that thread was that something being "ineffective/limiting" may very well be its perk, because its mean't to hold back other things that if they got out of hand, would destroy an entire system and ruin its functionality

In the thread my comparison focused on women being the submissive in society as a necessary "flaw", as it kept the "system" stable, some flaws are necessary, some aspects of ineffectiveness actually lead to better functionality

In this case, its the same relationship between religion and science, atheists hated the effect that religion had on the scientific world, so they made efforts to secularize society and make religion obsolete, but the end result of that is that the flood gates were opened on the other aspects of life that religion was keeping in check, so now we'll have all this scientific advancement, but no life worth living to enjoy said advancements, and ironically most of the men who are "scientists" (usually atheists/agnostics) aren't really attractive so they don't even benefit from all their creations

Which reminds me of this red pill comic

[Stupid and NSFW comic, transcript here]

Atheists have pretty much fucked themselves and fucked the world up for all average men, because they didn't consider the ramifications of "de-powering" religion

I'm not even a religious person, not in the slightest, you could even say I'm closer to being an atheist than a theist, I think a God possibly exists, but I'm indifferent to the reality of either scenario because what does that matter when my current existence is shit, either way I've always had the common sense to see religion for what it is, a system of control and order, that we now need oh so desperately

Atheists as a collective really fucked all of us because religion was the most important tool in battling hypergamy and keeping women in check



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