nikita46 #sexist

I love being a female but I admit that I rarely find other women that are like me or that I can tolerate. When I do, its wonderful but I don't understand most women because I am VERY different from most of them. Things like: 1. I don't think men are supposed to support me financially 2. I don't make emotionally based decisions...I make them based on data. How I feel is always secondary. 3. I communicate very clearly. If something is bothering me, I just mention it with as few words as possible. (I find women just talk too damn much). 4. I hate the phone and try to avoid it. I have ZERO interest in talking for hours to anyone except maybe my husband. 5. I HATE gossip. I find it nasty to not mind your own business and to delve into other people's personal lives. I certainly don't have the right to judge anyone. 6. I don't spend money on crap like manicures, pedicures, etc. I can give myself a manicure and pedicure at home...its way cheaper to buy the stuff yourself and I hate wasting money. (and no, I'm not poor...I do pretty well actually). 7. I'm always happy and almost never moody. I find moodiness annoying 8. I hate to shop. I only do it when I need something and try to make it efficient because shopping sucks. 9. I don't need to ask 50 people to fix a problem. I can figure it out myself and I usually take the most direct approach. 10. I do not have complicated relationships. I don't have relationships with people I can't trust and I don't have relationships with other women just to compete with them. I'd gladly give my happiness or my life for my friends and would never betray them in any way....especially by secretly wishing I do better than they do.
I could go on...but you get the drift. Some women are chicks..and chicks suck. I'm glad not to be one.



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