Donald J Trump & various commenters #wingnut #racist

( Donald J Trump )
Joe Biden and the Democrats are playing their liberal politics by turning their backs on the good, hard-working people of Iowa who deserve to have their voices heard. I have insisted that Iowa remain first!

I won big in Iowa because they know I will always protect American jobs and American farmers—AMERICA FIRST! I will always stand up for American patriots who want to Make America Great Again.

I can’t wait to be back in Iowa. Stay tuned and see you in the very near future!

( @HerrNatSoc )
@realdonaldtrump Wait, you care about White people now?

( @Archer14 )
@HerrNatSoc @realdonaldtrump
Nah. When he refers to “American farmers”, he’s referring to wetback vegetable pickers. But we know that, don’t we?

( @ChristPatriot )
@realdonaldtrump I remember your laundry list of all the demographics that were doing the best ever except one, the white hetero male. You are going to have to change your priorities if you want to retain my vote. I'm done being a damn tax donkey for those that despise me and my values.

( @JohnBest )
@realdonaldtrump Why won't you protect our babies from having their brains mangled into autism by mercury in vaccines? You're a lying sack of shit.

( @bobjones13 )
@realdonaldtrump Shut up jew lover.

You have destroyed the white race with legal and illegal immigration.

( @wer38 )
@realdonaldtrump "No one did more for black farmers in Iowa than me!" - DJT

( @Mediaislying )
@realdonaldtrump Dude, you are still talking about the puppets, when you need to be calling out the puppet masters. I have never heard you call out Schwab, Rothschilds, Harari, etc......wef, inf, crf, committee of 300



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