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RE: Newsom’s Reparations Committee Will Recommend Handing Out $223,200 per Person to All Descendants of Slaves in California

(Ivbin Band)

California wasn't a slave state. This is just a giveaway to blacks. Blacks deserve nothing.

It doesn't matter how much the state gives to the so-called "descendants of slaves." Within five years they'd be right back in the 'hood where they are now. The Chosen would have talked them out of a substantial amount, the expensive cars would be wrecked, the jewelry would be pawned, stolen or lost, the clothing would be tattered, the Jordans would be old and showing wear, and they'd be killing each other over whatever remnants might be left.

My ancestors were attacked and virtually enslaved by the Huns, Mongols, Ottomans, Nazis and a whole bunch of other peoples. Can I collect from Mongolia, Turkey or Germany?

You can "collect" from Germany only if you're part of the Semitic shakedown.

I can't believe the Blacks are using the phrase "racial violence" in their augments! Won't even some Libs, say "huh?"

If this proposal is placed on a referendum it will lose by a landslide.

It won't be. There are not very many Blacks here and they are mostly in a few cities. They are not at all popular with Asians or the Latinx. No one wants their taxes to go to them. There are powerless committees assembled for political purposes that make recommendations that are not implemented frequently.

(L Hathaway)
So, since California never had slavery, never had Jim Crow, never had segregation, never had voting rights abuses, what is this about? Since California never had slavery, etc., isn’t every black person who freely moved to California on their own a colonist? An illicit occupant sitting on stolen land? Isn’t every black person in California a colonizer?

And these days, most California Whites are "ethnic" like Armenians, Jews, Persians, former-Yugoslavs, Hispanic Whites who themselves faced persecution or hardship in their homelands.

If Jovan Scott Lewis, Jovan Scott Lewis and Tiffany Quarles think they're so tough, why don't they petition the states whence they or their parents escaped from for reparations?



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