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[Blackpill] The first thing a GIRL thinks about when seeing an Incel ― IS HAVING SEX WITH HIM

Before any of you low-iq apes decides to gang-up on me, ask yourself this ― did a girl ever had a immediate visceral reaction the moment she saw you? Did it look like this?

Flashing images with the two of you copulating like bunny rabbits raced through her dirty little mind in that millisecond.

The good news is that you're probably disgusting, but not completely creepy (which is worse) or invisible. Her body actually had to 'forcefully resist' the incitement to enjoy that ugliness of yours, which deceitfully entered her perverted female brains.

All women desire incels?

The very exclamation 'ew' is already a retroactive reaction to the unconscious thought of banging you.

Yesh. Ok.
But how does is help me to improve my miserable existence? Or it doesn't?

Fucking fatties was a taboo sanctioned by society not that long ago, today it's a appraised fetish. We should work in this framework.

Where are all those woman enjoying fetish with incels then?

You have no idea how ruthlessly any girl whos taste would deviate from the norm is roasted by her friends circle for having a 'shit taste' in men. This is how hypergamy is re-inforced on a social level - by bullying.

OP, it's not the "imagining sex with you" part that causes the visceral reaction, it's the "YOUR FACE" part.

A woman's thought process is preoccupied with vetting men that already catch their eye.

This is some next level cope

"Secretly they want to fuck us, they just resist it"

Human sexuality is not a politically correct affair. Arousal and disgust often times overlap. Reductionist evolutionary explanations of sexuality like "dick in vagina because procreation" cannot explain the spectrum of sexual depravity humans indulge in, fetishising things completely irrelevant to optimal fitness or health indicators.

Sounds based and makes sense.
But do you have a specific plan or an outline?

I would like to see a sufficiently coherent approach to this, and the reason I made this thread was to break the intellectual ceiling this forum has — Keep in mind that evolutionary speaking human shit is also yuck, yet scat fetish is a million dollar porn industry.



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