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[From "BASED and REDPILLED: FBI Posts the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion…!"]

It’s unclear why, but the FBI just posted the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, a fictionalized account of the Jewish plan for world domination originally published in Russia in 1903.

The document is written as though it is the minutes of a meeting of Jews who are planning world domination. The popular response by the Jews has been that it is a “forgery” or a “hoax.” In fact, it was not intended to be taken as a literal account of an actual meeting, but was just framed in this fictional context as a vehicle for explaining the information contained in it.

Henry Ford used to put a copy of these protocols in every car he sold. It was company policy.


There is literally no way someone can look at what this book predicted over 100 years ago and think that it was all just a big guess. Literally, everything that the Jews have done to us is laid out in this document.

Let’s just go through a few quick quotes.

Keep in mind: wherever it came from, this was published before World War I, nearly half a century before the founding of Israel.


There are also better quotes that I can’t find right now. None of the quote collections still exist online, so I just had to go through and pull these myself.

Skimming through it, I realize that I need to do a full reread and write something long about it, for posterity.

It’s bizarre that the FBI posted this to Twitter. The context is that people were sending copies of it to J. Edger Hoover complaining to him that Jews are trying to take over the world, so the FBI has copies in their records, and they are just publishing their records.


The version on the FBI’s website is illegible, and I had a hard time finding a complete text of it online. When you search for it, you just get a bunch of Jewish pages saying it’s a hoax.

I went ahead and posted the full text here. It’s only 26,000 words. People should read it.



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