Ben Garrison #transphobia

Why do woke corporations think we want trans propaganda with our purchases?

First we had the ‘woke’ M&Ms lecturing us about inclusiveness and diversity and now we have a transvestite’s face plastered over Hershey chocolate bar wrappers. The chocolate bar is supposedly celebrating ‘International Women’s Day’ by means of featuring a man pretending to be a woman displayed on their wrapper.

Why is the woke left so intent on erasing women?

Because they know that women are mothers and the only sex to give birth to new life. They say men can get pregnant. The globalist cartel knows that if they can get you to believe that, then you will swallow anything they say. It’s a form of mind control when they expect you to believe something illogical and irrational. If they can get you to accept it, you they know they can soon have you living in a pod, beating yourself up for climate sins, and eating bugs.

Anyone with common sense knows that we are living in a thick fog of trans-insanity. The truth is that there are only two genders, male and female, not 73 like they claim. We now live in a society where the mentally ill are rewarded and encouraged—and they encourage us to celebrate their mental illness!



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