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[SuicideFuel] Foids are ugly on the inside, and that makes them ugly on the outside.

On the anniversary of Bianca Devlin’s death, @goydivision made a thread about the event, and he included a number of photos:

It's been almost a year and a week since Bianca (aka Oxychan) was beheaded by an angry normtard. It is long past due for celebration.

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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Bianca_Devins I do not recall anyone here making a thread about it, and I only realized the anniversary was recently. If anyone does not have the corpse images, you can find them here -> (warning, [NSFW])...
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The first photos showed Bianca in her living form, as she presented herself to the world through social media. This was an idealized form of herself that she believed to be most attractive.
Then the last photo showed the dead Bianca in the car seat, blankly staring into space. This was an image she obviously would not have approved to be seen in public.

As I examined and compared the living and dead photos, I was struck by how different they were. They seemed to me to be photographs of two entirely different people -- one acceptable and one not. The blank expression in the dead photo had similarities to the “thousand-cock stare,” but there was a crucial difference that’s hard to pinpoint. And that difference allowed for forgiveness. Forgiveness of what? The forgiveness of being a living female, a conscious and sentient female.

A foid is basically a piece of shit wrapped in a pretty packaging. But the grossness of the female spirit still shows through in the living photos -- in her bitchy expression, in her high-handed arrogance evident from her expressions. And then that shitty spirit contaminates the outside and makes foids ugly to look at as well. But that ugliness isn't natural. It's learned by us and has replaced the original beauty we were able to see. Now we're blind to that beauty, or at least, I am.

Living foids move. A lot of the beauty of the female evaporates in movement. And what do foids do when moving? They twerk, they dance, they scoff, they suck dick, they have sex. But once movement and consciousness is removed, a foid returns to the original beauty that was her birthright from the start. Then we see it was not really the body itself that is ugly, but the consciousness beneath the flesh, the animating spirit. And that spirit has desecrated the concept of feminine beauty by tainting the outside of a foid with its ugliness.



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