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“First they came for”— in the classic formulation—all the symbols of specifically Southern Heritage, flags, statues, cemeteries, street names, college names, the names of U.S. Army forts, everything like that.

At the same time, Anti-Americans were also attacking George Washington (white Southerner, slaveowner) Jefferson (ditto, plus the lie about Sally Hemings) and, in the frenzy after the death of George Floyd, even Abraham Lincoln’s statues were being overturned and burned.

Blacks have long considered themselves a separate anti-Nation—“Lift Every Voice And Sing,” the so-called Black National Anthem, has been around so long, its original nickname was the “Negro National Anthem.” It’s actually a Christian hymn, and as such would be banned from public performance at schools, commencement ceremonies, and football games—if the Christophobic laws against hymns, prayers, or Christmas carols were enforced against blacks.

Blacks have also now got their own Black Independence Day—“Juneteenth,” now as prominent a national holiday as Martin Luther King’s Birthday is and as George Washington’s Birthday…isn’t. (We’re supposed to call it “Presidents Day.”)



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