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Would You Stop Playing the Legend of Zelda if Link Was Homosexual in the Next Game? Would this ruin the game series for you? Or would you just not play this one game?

link's Sister: “I just won't play that one game.”

locke: “If the gameplay etc. were good enough to make up for the awkwardness of playing as a character that I couldn't relate to then I might play it. Otherwise I'd just skip that game. One game I don't like isn't enough to ruin the series. Only if it becomes a trend.”

KawiNinjaZX: “That would be stupid, relationships and sexuality are never a point to the game, they are only minor and are implied. If Link straight up kissed a guy I would turn off the game.”

Dragoncat: “Yoai fangirls scare me...I'm no homophobe, but I dislike yoai and yuri. People that like it tend to just want to throw two characters who would never be together in a million years into sex scenes so they can drool. It's disgusting and it completely disrespects the characters. People who support hetero pairings tend to not be that way. So for that reason, I'd prefer Nintendo NOT doing that.”

Sir Quaffler: “I'm assuming you mean Link would be gay and only gay in the hypothetical game, rather than giving us the option to choose.If we would have no choice in the matter and Link would be gay no matter what we as the player would want, then I would not play that game. I tend to project my own preferences through the game, Link's (almost) blank slate allowing me to do so, so for him to suddenly be very forthcoming to other male characters would totally break me from the experience. I would never do that, why would I want to play as a character that does that? It would not tarnish the rest of the series at all (I already don't think it's infallible, AoL is an abomination in my eyes anyways so one hypothetical game would not "ruin" the series for me), but I would definitely be more cautious about picking up subsequent games.However, if that were optional rather than mandatory, then no I would not be against that and would definitely still pick up the game. Include it as an option for people who want the main character to feel more like them, just don't force it upon the rest of us who don't agree with that lifestyle”

Kylo Ken: “No, I wouldn't play this one at all. A very large reason why I play the Legend of Zelda is because I can relate to Link. And that's being objective considering I am Christian.”

Demise_ : “I'd definitely not play that one game, it would definitely not ruin the previous games, as for future games if they would be completely uninfluenced by that game then it's fine (e.g. if that one game was developed completely by another studio).”

Vanitas Remnant: “Yeah, it would really ruin it for me. I have nothing against gays, but that would just be... weird.”



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