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But according to Juan/John and his generals and AI, TRUMP cannot “function” as President and CIC because the “people” would erupt into “civil war”. But being bombed and EMP’d is perfectly all right….because it would “teach the people a lesson” because they have to “show” the people rather than “tell them the truth”.

What if Q the AI is wrong? What if bombing and EMPing us doesn’t work? What if the AI is in on the steal? What if our future belongs to us and not to those who would try to steal it from us… regardless of the color of their hats. What if civil war is what we have amidst an invasion and that we can fight on the ground. But what we cannot do anything about is if “they” decide to bomb us. For that we are sitting ducks. Watching an orchestrated light show of solar flares which are usually aimed away from Earth but this time will be aimed directly at us. Because both sides have decided that we deserve it. They want a new world at any cost. And we are the price THEY are wiling to pay.
Q is not a person it is an AI. And why do people think the predictions that Q has made so accurately are such genius. All Juan and the generals are doing apparently is taking notes, and then releasing into the public bits of intel from Q.

All the White Hats do is wrap the musings of Q the AI into clever little posts containing our future that they know and we don’t. Not very honorable really. Just taking orders, following a script. Just like the Illuminati do using the false Bible as their guide and all the minions that go around dutifully mimicking “scripture” and calling themselves “holy” and lovers of Christ because they say what they are taught to say on a daily basis. They are just the same. Little robots repeating what they have been told word for word. While the world burns and goes down a dark hole… while those following Q dutifully believe in a happy ending.



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