RuneOwl , sailorvenus & RighteousIndignation #transphobia

Trans Activists Blame JK Rowling, Women Critical of Gender Ideology For Murder Of Transgender Teenager | Reduxx

( RuneOwl )
The fact that they’d rather find any cheap, ghoulish opportunity to dunk on JKR and do absolutely nothing to tackle the issue of who is actually doing the literal murdering just shows how little trans people actually care about one another.

Trans people want more trans deaths because it’s like their twisted source of narcissistic supply. The more they can roleplay being oppressed off the backs of real victims, the more they can manipulate and intimidate the rest of us all while pretending it’s some noble crusade.

They are their own worst enemies.

( sailorvenus )
You just unlocked a realization when you said roleplaying.

They’re fucking LARPing. They just won’t admit it and this forces everyone to play along and treat them like their character.

( RighteousIndignation )
this highlights the fact they are the safest, hardly any trans get killed, imagine if we acted like them every time a woman is murdered. this is not the win they think it is, as their behaviour will just peak more people into how much they have lied about how vulnerable they are, if it gets decided it was a hate crime the newspapers will run with headlines saying first transgender murder in 5 years which will blow all their claims out the water.

their behaviour is very strange, they seem to act like they want to use everything for point scoring but never look at the bigger picture,they are their own worst enemies.



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