Various Incels #racist #sexist

JFL The Racepill destroyed me

Words cannot express how much I hate being a sand nigger. For a while I coped with Zabbaleen and taxidermy. But then I realized white people are infinitely better at it. Then I coped with pickled fish. Then I realized white people are better at that too. What advantage then is there to being a sand nigger?

White people are also better at being incels, many exposed fakecels were non white here

just go to slavland like Russia or Ukraine bro

True, many niggers and sand niggers are just locationcels


So I can just be killed there?

lmao if you would know how much slavic foids thirsting over arab dudes

Go there, fake your wealth and pretend she will be your princess in the dunes.

Then take her home and force her to scrub toilets all day. Seems to work for so many turkcels.
Slav women can be so stupid.

Can I bring one to Zabbaleen?

I remember some ended up in Gaza :feelskek:



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