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[From “High Noon Approaches”]

When the Baby Boom Generation passes away (that is increasing due to age), the political world will really become fascism versus communism. In many ways, it already is. But the Boomer Generation has held things in place largely because of their relative size and political activism. The generation was also raised to hate both fascism and communism, while embracing soft-Marxist ideals. Almost all of them are soft Marxists[…]
Marxism at, its core, shares two underriding principles. The first is economic[…]Everything is an outgrowth of economics, not cultural or genetic[…]
Marxism “explains” that criminality is due to poverty, not a genetic propensity toward crime. Financial well-being ameliorates revolutionary desires[…]
The second element is democracy. Marxism advocates more democratic participation[…]The Trojan Horse of Marxism has always been the perception of greater freedom hiding the tyranny of the masses within the belly of the policy. The fact is, democracy can only work in genetically homogenous societies and even then, it fails. Thus, your Founding Fathers were opposed to it[…]
An emerging break is occurring, led mostly by GenX influencers and fought amongst Millennials and GenZers. They know that economics does not explain everything, and democracy may not be a good thing. They see, and more importantly live, within the racial realities that break the Marxist paradigm

The future fight, therefore, will be one that pits non-White Marxists, who are on the verge of conquering the West and taking what they want from their previous White overlords, versus Whites who galvanize (bundle) together to form fascist coalitions, even if the term is not specifically used[…]
Either way, the system is falling apart, and Boomers are desperately holding on to power[…]in an attempt to make their soft Marxist vision a permanent reality. The only reality is the fact that it is over. A new racial dawn is rapidly approaching high noon



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