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The Pentagon wants to order troops to get the Covid Vax. What about the truth community stories and the Great Awakening? Is this the final End Game?

The weather is sunny here. A cool breeze. perhaps a calm before the storm? Is it the storm as mentioned by Q and
the QAnons? Or the devastating storm of the E.L.E.? Or was Q referring to the E.L.E. storm?

These times are really a challenge. Even the most gentle folks and people with lots op patience are starting to get mad.
We are trying to be gentle and easy going, but we almost used the title: "Fck doom. We want answers." We changed it to: skip doom. During these harsh times we like to try not to use much profanity, which is not always easy. Let's skip the doom, shall we? But first some disturbing news from the Pentagon a.k.a. The Pentagram.

What If?
What if the troops get the ClotKillShot Covax? What if many troops will leave the material world Earth density a.k.a. dying. Or get disabled, crippled by the ClotShot? Will foreign troops replace the U.S. troops? Are these the many refugee boys and men, from North Africa trying to get into Europe? And also South American boys and men, crossing the border into the USA? Are they being recruited? There were rumors, online chatter and videos of UN military vehicles driving on US roads. Also videos of cargo trains carrying UN vehicles.

Americans are armed. Lots of guns owned by US citizens. Will this scare off the UN foreign troops? Are the UN troops MK programmed into urban and country combatants? Nobody wants to think about war, except for the weapons dealers perhaps. May be this secret war continues with a battlefield that is in the shadows. Silent war. UN troops using silent tactics. Quiet weapons for quiet wars, you know.



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