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Believe it or not, the reason that most, if not all of us are stuck here in this Matrix reality is because we agreed to be here on some level. There appear to be certain Natural Laws that have to be abided by in order for the big daddy creator God to even allow this place to exist in the first place. This place might be nothing more than a science experiment or Experimental Avatar Reality Training Habitat aka E.A.R.T.H. that’s being run by a fallen angel or even an alien hive mind consciousness that may or may not be synthetic in origin. Whoever is in charge of this place has technology that is far beyond anything that even humans in the remote future would be capable of conjuring up. I’ve been leaning more towards our alien Archon controller being some kind of parasitic shape-shifting octopus/Hydra creature who uses the several Reptilian & Insectesoid “alien” races as a kind of mercenary enforcement brigade of sorts and also as the shepherds for herding and manipulating humanity to suit the best interests of the parasite in the long term. All without most of us humans ever having any idea. We are used as a physical and spiritual resource and this simulation seems to be the extraction mechanism. “The Saturn Cube Octopus” 🐙 is designed to steal your soul. I see octopus symbolism literally everywhere I look now that I’m paying attention for it.

YahushuaBenDavid talks about this Saturn Hydra Cube in his last video and Shaking My Head Productions did a good recent video on it as well. I really hope I’m one of those last 10 humans left on earth that Ben is talking about. Lol.



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