Various incels #homophobia #psycho

[Important] Faggots and their supporters should all be brutally killed.

How I wish we could decapitate them all until they all disappear from the face of this planet. There's nothing more disgusting and degenerate than a faggot. Aids infected child abusers.

(Saint Spicecel)
We have to set all those LGBT degenerates on fire, make them suffer as much as possible

(Dr. Femoids)
I like fantasizing about smashing faggot skulls.* It's tremendously entertaining.

*in Mario Kart Double Dash

ONLY kicked out?!?! They should've been SHOT DEAD (In GTA V)

Can somebody just PLEASE give me a gun already?😡😡😡

It's funny how before these degenerate queers got accepted into soyciety, this world was a lot more saner and better off.

Now, there's clownfuckery rampant all over once these shitheads are free to roam around with their infectious and ridiculous to exist mental illness. This century ruined everything that the past centuries did right, that's a fucking travesty.



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