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( @Nature_and_Race )
Every deviant, degenerate, and thus destructive movement in history can be traced back to Jews.

Prove me wrong.

I fucking dare you, PROVE ME WRONG.


( @Otto_Kekmann )
@Nature_and_Race Do you notice how the jew is like a maggot -- it survives and thrives in the spiritual filth that sickens and kills its adversaries?

This wretched kike castrated 4,000 goyim, but had 7 kids of his own. They absolutely wallow in all this depravity, and yet it doesn't affect their ability to remain biologically successful, while the same situation obliterates the biological success of the non-jews immersed in it.

( @OCRedWave )
@Nature_and_Race why are you capitalizing? They’re “jews” in my book

( @Holiday15 )
@OCRedWave @Nature_and_Race Have same problem. My computer's autocorrect fails to recognize that they are a subhuman species not worthy of being capitalized.

( @844steamtrain )
@Nature_and_Race Based on my research, and looking at history from all angles, the source of nearly all the problems and rot in the world can be traced back to jews. You have to do something pretty bad to get kicked out of over 100 countries.

( @GingaPATRIOT )
@Nature_and_Race 110% truth every single evil in this world can be traced back to jews. THAT’S why Adolf Hitler wanted to get them out of Europe. They could have had Madagascar but the Rothschild’s has England go fight France for it NOW THEY WILL FACE THE WALL EVERY ONE NO KIKES FOR THE FOURTH RIECH DAY OF THE TROPE IS COMING SOON JEWS



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