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It's why I proudly display the hashtag #NotAnAlly in my profiles, because we were warned, loudly, repeatedly, what allowing gay marriage to become legal would lead to. The Slippery Slope was proven true. I defy anyone to prove me wrong. The argument was that they'd come for our children, and here we are, fighting tooth and nail to try and protect our kids from being mutilated or groomed by these sick bastards!

Yeah, you have the ones that just want to live their lives, but they do nothing to police and stop the pedophiles and child mutilators. When we started calling out the groomers that wanted to dance in front of kids, the groomers went and hid behind a pride flag, pointing at us and screaming "Homophobes!" rallying the rest of the alphabet mob against us.

And do I need to mention things like the Hogwarts Legacy controversy, where innocent people like Pikamee/Henya got bullied and harassed by the troons and their supporters? It's shit like that, that only turns more people against them.

But like I say, we were warned what would happen. And it's not like we had much choice once Obergfell came down from SCOTUS. God willing though, we'll get a SCOTUS one day in the future that'll overturn Obergfell so that then we can move to ban and outlaw the alphabets once again, to bring us back to sanity and decency again.

And history shows that day is likely to come sooner than some of us believe. Just like when the Roman Empire fell, the alphabet nonsense that was running rampant in their day, saw a hard snap back to morality and decency, sending the alphabets screaming back into the closet for nearly 2000 years. And America is tracking just like the Roman Empire is in its decline. It's only a matter of time.

However, I will say that it does feel like this year's pride month was more subdued and mellow by comparison to last year. I suspect the troons got such a huge backlash to their disgusting behavior that they toned it down to avoid the headlines highlighting their disgusting behavior. Plus it's an election year and they probably realize that their degeneracy is going to cost the Democrats votes. We'll see what happens next June. After all, troon acceptance has been in steady decline as of late. So hopefully the alphabet sickness will be coming to an end before we know it.



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