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RE: Republicans BLOCKED From Voting In Newsom Recall Told They Already Voted, Larry Elder STILL May WIN

(Snuggly Bastard)
They're rigging the elections again. The Democrats can't win otherwise.

(SWFL Fishing)
Soon they’ll tell us Gavin Newsom is the “most popular governor in history”, 80 million votes in a state of 39 million.

Whenever there exists a Democrat in the election.... the likelihood of shenanigans taking place goes up by about 1000%

(Kevin Hoekman)
Tim, they won't let them vote. They, the Dems, already voted for them. Get this through your head, this happened in 2020. Millions of people Tim.

Stop denying voter fraud Tim. We all know its a widespread problem and they hide it.

(Rob K)
Tim, you sound just like the people trying to force vaccines: “just shut up, stop asking questions, and vote.”

(David Guyton)
After the results come out, you won't be allowed to ask questions about it without having your online persona Epsteined.

(System X)
I'm sure it's gonna be the most free and fair election ever if Gavin wins. If he loses it'll be Trump and Russia behind it.

(Phoenix 2020)
"Do your job media..." Says Tim. Silly kid. The Democrat propaganda machine is fully operational and working well. Seems like we've heard this all before somewhere... 🤔



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