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spoilerCycle: "I meet someone" -> "we talk" -> "I mention the Satanists at CERN trying to open a portal to hell" -> "they leave"

Shit! I can’t even tell someone who just lost a loved one to blood clots and myocarditis that the experimental vaccine has these side effects ,and to quit taking boosters. People have become irrational and shut down when facts that make them think are presented. I’ve lost faith in humanity. They’re too stupid.

@NeonRevolt They are scientists trying to communicate with aliens from another dimension. Yes they are actually demons.

Synagogues are already portals to hell, seems wasteful to make a new one.

I had met someone that was talking about a show they watched and. We talked about the good stuff in it . Conversation was going wonderful and peaceful . I asked what they didn’t like about it and I understood why . Then I mention the part I didn’t like about it like two little girls making out for a kids show is just horrible and sick . The conversation between us went down hill and they called me fascist and nazi . I was like how am I a nazi or fascist for stating that ? They said I was sick for looking at it that way . I said you are sick for thinking these things are acceptable and that is the top reason we have problems to this day is because of people that support same gender little kids making out for a pg show that kids watch . They did not want anything to do with me after stating the truth . Shame how these sick minded humans are accepting and supporting things that only a devil would approve .

Don't feel bad. Same thing happens to me at the bar when I get buzzed and start ranting about one world government.

@NeonRevolt Can they actually open a portal to hell? I wouldn't think God would allow that. Still, I would say there are Satanists involved.

@NeonRevolt Man is NOT God and needs to stop trying to emulate being one. Using people with mental illness as guinea pigs in their attempts to unsuccessfully "transform" them into a different sex is one example. Whether or not they're trying to open a porthole to aliens or demons it is still very deeply conCERNing.



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