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More Deceit from the ADL

The ADL must be awfully disappointed to have to admit that “domestic extremists” killed only 29 people in 19 separate incidents. To put this in perspective, the CDC reports that in 2020, there were 24,576 murders.

The ADL claims that 26 of the 29 murders “were committed by right-wing extremists,” two by “Black nationalists, and one by an Islamist extremist.”

The entire report is detached from reality. Of the 19 cases it cites, only one makes its case; the rest refute it.

Nathan Allen, who killed two blacks, is the only person in this report who seems to have been driven by political and racial motives. Two cases appear to have been anti-white killings by blacks. The other 15 are pathetic stories of career criminals, frustrated failures, and mentally disturbed people. To call this collection of crimes evidence of “right-wing extremism” and to imply that they demonstrate the danger of “white supremacism” is mendacious.

This isn’t the first time American Renaissance has analyzed a laughable ADL report, but this year’s is even worse than usual. The ADL nonetheless concludes by urging support for the “PROTECT” plan, which calls for more money to fight “domestic terrorism” and control of content on the internet.

The report doesn’t even include the Waukesha Massacre. Darrell Brooks, who is black and who openly expressed hatred of whites, drove a car into a parade of white people, killing six and injuring dozens more. The ADL would surely have highlighted this case if the races had been reversed.

This report is an embarrassment. It is an almost random collection of 19 crimes followed by a call for more repression. But don’t blame the ADL. It’s a pressure group with an ax to grind. Blame the politicians and journalists who take this nonsense seriously.



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