Paul Kersey #dunning-kruger #racist #elitist #pratt

In a society that vilifies whiteness, anything too white must immediately be deemed illegitimate.

Regardless of the good it does for humanity, if the endeavor is too white, it is axiomatically wrong.

In its present form, citizen science is almost exclusively white, because almost exclusively white individuals collectively comprise the amateur scientists in their ranks.

Despite everything these white people do to advance science and our knowledge of the world, the lack of non-whites means their work is null and void.

Whiteness would seem to be the strength here, right?

How again is diversity our greatest strength, when in the absence of this mysterious, all-powerful force, so much is accomplished in citizen science due to whiteness?

[What is being accomplished by white citizen scientists? Has he considered even more could be accomlished?]

[From their link:

"Finally, a lack of diversity in citizen science could even compromise the quality of the research. For instance, one study found that volunteer water monitors – who were mostly well-educated and white – undersampled areas where environmental concerns disproportionately affected poor communities of color."]



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