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In our midst, many traitors pick and choose from amongst our dogmas while actively demoralizing us. The turncoats see surrender as the only option. Others are ready to “throw in the towel” after fighting long but unwisely. A third camp argues that we must retreat into the desert, lick our wounds and wait for better days.
Most Christians accept the “wall of separation” without quibble. That sentiment has led to a wave of self-censorship in which religious people avoid making religious arguments in the public square—or school.

As a result, secular zealots challenged prayer in school, crosses and manger scenes. “The only language now permissible in the public square… is the supposedly neutral language of empiricism, science, and secularity.”

Eliminating symbols was only the beginning. The leftists learned their lessons well. They used a similar process to impose contraception, abortion, and acceptance of sodomy upon American society—all under the banner of freedom and separation.
Any admiration for Christendom must be based on Church teachings about the social order and not on keeping alive royal houses. The TFP’s position harkens back to the unity inherent in the medieval interrelationship of Church and State. This order gave rise to an organic Christian society that allowed society to flourish inside the framework of our fallen nature. This realistic vision of ordering society avoids the soul-deadening nature of socialism and the sterile optimism of secularism. Catholics under siege do not succumb to nostalgia when they hope in the triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart foretold to the world at Fatima in 1917.



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