Industrialist Machinist #homophobia

Homosexuals reproduce by abusing children. Period, fact, end of conversation. They aren't born, they're made via sexual abuse.

this is the dumbest take I've ever heard

It's not dumb, it's the truth that homos and their enablers don't want the average person to know. It used to be common knowledge.

Don't need citations for facts. Visit your local bath house and take a poll.

Jackson Miles:
That's some of the stupidest fucking shit I've ever heard. You make a claim, you need to substantiate it. Substantiate your claim or it's worthless.

Disease spreading homosexual who spreads diseases and molests children says what now?

What? I'm gay and I was never abused... nobody I know was ever abused.

Then your brain is broken or you're lying...Enjoy your STDs, AIDS and empty life, along with your destroyed anus.



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