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How do creationists explain different skin colors among humans?

Characteristics such as skin color is genetically known to be provided by gene variants called DNA allele frequencies which come from the sex cells of the parents called the Germline (“heredity”). The variety (including skin color) is provided by the function of heredity- not copy error mutations!

Creationists see all human beings as the same species. It is Naturalists that makes the ridiculous (and racist) claims that humans emerged from “sub” species of pre-humans. It is an ugly past but the logic is inescapable. The mechanism evolution proponents claim provides these changes that moved apes into humans were random mutations (copy errors) in genetics over eons of time.

Empirically, heredity does not use mutations for the mechanism of variety (aka beneficial changes). In fact, mutations to DNA allele gene variants directly causes countless diseases, cancers (likely all of them), congenital disorders, deformities, disabilities like Autism, and mass fetal death. Common descent evolution has no mechanism to explain bacteria to mankind transmutation beyond its narrative.



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