Blackpill Women would do anything for money (men? not so much) and women are wh*res by nature.

Back when pornhub was non- cucked if you searched into some of the weirder parts of pornhub you would see videos a plenty of women sticking huge things inside themselves, play with prolapses and do other disgusting things with other women and men for $$$. Now look at all those "fans only" instagram accounts and normal Pοrn videos of women . There are millions of them. Add that to the millions of "professional" prostitutes/sex workers, strippers etc. There are literally billions of images/videos of nude women and cam shows online . Most do it for $$$.

You may say that "men would do that if they had an audience" this is incorrect. Men would NOT have sex with other men for $$$ ( obviously excluding gays), unlike straight women have sex with other women for money. They would not open "fans only" instagram accounts if it meant gay dudes, grandmas and 400 lbs women would pay them for it.

You may say that most women don't do that stuff for money. That's true, but look at the amount of women who marry men for their $$$ or place huge weight on men's income. Many foids just marry averagish men for their $$$ ( if they arent chadlite/ chad.) Even "professional" women marry men for their money. Example, nurses marry doctors just because they are rich in many cases. Wealthy , "professional" female actors sleep around Hollywood all the time for acting roles.

Women are wh*res by nature. Its in evolutions best interest for them to trade in sex for money and other assets.



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