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[From “Biden’s Handlers and their Origins”]

While most of Biden’s administration is blamed on the geriatric Yankee from Scranton[…], many on the Right seem to forget he has an entire cabinet (his handlers)[…]
Let’s start out with the cackling witch herself, Kamala Harris. Harris’ whoring career and gender is often the topic surrounding her, but one should also consider her racial origin. Her mother was Shyamala Gopalan born in British India in 1938, while her father, Donald J. Harris, is a Jamaican mulatto. Neither were even born in the United States but instead allowed in during the 1960s, met at the notorious UC Berkeley[…]Moving onto the Big Three[…]All three are Jewish[…]
The next member of the Biden administration is Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, who Republicans recently tried, and like usual, failed to impeach. Mayorkas wasn’t even born in the United States but instead Cuba. His parents were Cuban (and Jewish) refugees[…]
Finishing off with the B-team members of the cabinet, let’s move to the Confederate-hating Sectary of Defense Lloyd Austin. Austin (spoiler) is the only member of the cabinet actually from a Southern state, born in Alabama and raised in Georgia. However, Austin is black and, thus like many of his racial peers, has nothing but hate for traditional Alabama and Georgia[…]Probably win the contest when it comes to tracing his ancestry the furthest back on “American soil”[…]
Traveling north of the increasingly conservative-turning Iowa, we have Secretary of Veteran Affairs Denis McDonough of Minnesota, who supposedly has communist sympathies[…]
No anti-Southern cabinet would be complete without a few New Englanders and Biden, like usual, didn’t forget about them[…]
To sum things up, Biden’s cabinet is everything our Confederate ancestors warned us about. The executive branch is effectively a gaggle of foreigners, Yankees, “people of color,’” and Jews, headed by a career liar who can barely speak half the time



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