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A whole lot of people are going to commit suicide when they get the memo that their miserable lives were the result of alien engineering of the human body. Humans are “artificial” lifeforms, a product of alien tinkering with wild hominid DNA. The misery of human civilization all happened because E.T. decided to artificially manipulate with earth hominid genomes and create a sentient slave race.

Imagine you build robots that after thousands of years “wake up” and gain consciousness of their origin. Would they hate their human creators? You bet, just as you are going to hate our E.T. creators, who have been kept hidden from out consciousness for thousands of years so they could manipulate us. You are about to experience a conscious awakening of your true status, as an engineered slave on a brutal ice age prison planet.

“Wake up Neo, wake up”, is your personal wake up call. You need to wake up from the spell of the Bible which taught you a child story of origin. God didn’t create us, aliens created us, and they have posed as gods to manipulate us to do their bidding. The situation is laughable and tragic at the same time, our history is a big fat lie. We didn’t evolve here at all, we were put here in a facade of a civilization.

The “god” that chose the “Jews” was an alien prick, a monster by any standard. And this is what we were tricked into worshiping for thousands of years. What a laugh, we worshiped evil and claimed it holy. That is the fail of fails, the ultimate fail. We said to ourselves the evil monster Yahweh was love. LOL. Just a slight mistake, the greatest of mistakes ever.



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