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Women's standards have turned the world into a horrid place to live

A few examples:

- Because women like bad boys and thugs, a lot of men dream of becoming criminals and drug dealers instead good citizens.

- Because women want Chad only, men are killing themselves at the gym and with bland diets so they can look more appealing to women.

- Because women are materialistic whores, men are forced to wageslave 10 hours a day just to have barely enough to afford the childish whims of some old roastie wife.

- Because women want to fuck around, millions of babies are aborted each year LEGALLY.

- Because women are whores, a girl who's got 10 boyfriends before 18 is more respected than a boy who's got a scholarship at some prestigious university.

- Because women are lazy to learn, the quality of many products and machinery has lowered a lot just to be more comfortable for women to use it.

- Because women don't want subhumans to be close to them, now you can get arrested just for bumping into a woman on the street by mistake.

- Because women suck at every profession, degenerate apps like twitch allows them to make millions just by showing their tits and asses.

And many more.



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